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Arizona’s Micro-Climates

What’s the big deal with Arizona? Isn’t it hot, dry, full of cactus and people only go there in the winter? While this conception is partially true, it is FAR from the complete story.

Arizona is many things. It is desert in the south, but the “high country” to the north and east is covered by the largest Ponderosa pine forest in the US. The western border is along the Colorado River with water sports on the river plus two of the country’s largest man made lakes in Lake Mead and Lake Powell. Snow capped peaks with winter recreation areas and don’t forget the Grand Canyon. The diversity of the climates in the State let one pick the climate that suits them best. Don’t like the weather now, drive 2 hours and change it.

My 26 years in this state have proven to be a continual teaching event. But one constant is clear; the state has and will continue to grow. Well planned growth, with the jobs and infrastructure to accommodate the growth with world class medical facilities, roads and freeways, common sense affordable housing, a reasonable tax structure and yes, a water system to supply new building.

Did I miss something? Probably, but we are available for any and all questions may have.

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