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Luxury Golf Communities

High end living and some of the finest golf the country has to offer

Luxury Living. Unparalleled Golf

Ultimately, there is the land.

A vast desert, not as desolate as some, has existed for millennia and sees the arrival of the first Americans after the Ice Age 10,000 years ago. Evidence of their existence and progression can be seen if you look closely. As time passed, their lifestyles continued to evolve into pueblos and cliff dwellings as they farmed the arid land. The Native Americans, Spain and Mexico, and now diverse cultures from all over the world have come to this place to seek solitude, raise their families and enjoy the fruits of their labor.  And now, your opportunity to own and live in these ancient lands has arrived.

The gated golf communities of North Scottsdale offer a rarified opportunity to own a dream home in an area close to modern amenities but private enough to enjoy endless vistas, solitude and magic sunsets so numerous many create photo albums of just those vistas. Golf courses created by the greatest golfers that have ever played the game. Restaurants with well-known chefs alongside clubhouses and facilities to be enjoyed by family and guests of all ages. Security of guarded gates where the term “lock and leave” is normal. Wildlife common to the area gives these communities a feeling of being immersed in nature. You are refreshed by the clean, dry air.

There are many places in the US that have similar amenities, but NONE as unique as the golf communities presented here. Forests of saguaro and cholla, Palo Verde and mesquite trees as well as rocks and mountains as far as the eye can see. Fairways and greens so manicured yet challenging. Hardware stores that do not stock snow shovels. And yet, a first class International airport is less than an hour from them all. Come and see for yourself what a unique destination awaits. Have we left out something that appeals to you? Only one way to find out.

We are Jay Jasper Associates. Whether this is your full time home or a part time vacation retreat, we are specialists in these communities and we will find your dream retreat here.

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